While you are here – here’s the clincher...

Where do you suppose Joots could take your brand/marketing efforts to?

At Joots we divide ads into 5 categories.

1. BRANDKILLERS: Doesn't matter either ways. It is simply something one is expected to do.

2. SAFETY FIRST: Bland and mediocre creativity. Seen before. Boring & predictable.

3. CLUTTER CUTTER: Noticeable & competent. Impactful and out of the box ideas.

4. BRAND BUILDER: Original & innovative. Make people sit up n take notice. Refreshing workable ideation.

5. PARADIGM CREATOR: Top class ideas. Take your brand to a higher level. Create new standards. Involving and exploring ideas.

So... if you have picked one of the top 3... it will be a complete waste of our time and more importantly your time AND money. If not; we could be in business!

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